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Secretary of State Forms

The Secretary of State requires that a Customer Order Instruction form accompany every filing.
If you are paying by credit card, the State requires a Credit Card Authorization form be used.

Click on the name of the form to view the form.

Customer Order Instructions
Credit Card Authorization Form

Forms for Corporations

1. Annual List of Officers
2. Initial List of Officers
3. Dissolve your company (after you started doing business).

Amendment to Corporation (name change, etc.)
Resignation of Director or Officer
Resident Agent Acceptance
Change of Agent Form

Forms for Limited Liability Companies

Initial List of Members
Annual List of Members
Amendment to LLC
Dissolve your LLC
Resignation of Manager or Member
Resident Agent Acceptance
Change of Agent Form

You can file your paperwork on your own or we can file it for you for a $15 processing fee.

Secretary of State website - business section.

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WE ARE A FORMS FILING SERVICE. WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. WE ARE NOT ACCOUNTANTS. Registered agents or incorporating companies are not required to be licensed by any state or federal authority. If you have any doubt about the type of entity you should file, call an accountant or an attorney. A good website for more information is Be careful when you choose your registered agent/incorporator. Here are a couple of tips to help you find your new agent: (1) go to the Secretary of State's website and check your registered agent out, search by company name; (2) do a search by registered agent to see how many companies the agent represents; (3) ask the registered agent for references. Talk to customers yourself to make sure they had a good experience; (4) google the company. Go to and type the company name in quotes. In google, you can also type the company name in quotes, and then the word 'complaint' afterthe company name. If any complaints have been filed against your agent, you will be able to read about them.